Why Healthcare?

This is Health Optimizing Manila’s story.

Our Company President, Al Z. Banguilan, had a health scare back in 2015.

It was a challenging & very personal journey that he knew that there was only one outcome he can accept – the outcome of eliminating the disease he had and be healthy again.

After a short period, with faith and action combined, he came out of that journey victorious! With an invigorated spirit and passion to give something back to the community, even more than what he’s ever done before, he began contemplating for that something that will allow him to help others in a new way and in a bigger scale. A resolute decision came about – he will immerse himself to healthcare! But for Al, he was very clear on what the premises were with choosing the best of the best:

  • It has to be positively different & it has to thrive on excellence. 
  • It has to be focused on results for the patients where the assessments and treatments are both non-invasive.
  • It has to be evolutionary & innovative in a way where the symptoms are validated by finding what has caused the symptoms to begin with.
  • It has to be world-class and wide-ranging.
  • On top of all these, the healthcare must be centered on utmost care and compassionate service.

He claimed there is no better time to providing the best healthcare to the Filipinos than now.

The exploration on this evolutionary healthcare led him to different parts of the world, sifting through individuals and companies with a mission to serve & with a track record of converting people to become healthy and healthier.

What is Health Optimizing?

His search ended when he met the founder of Health Optimizing, Thomas Aksnes in 2015.  Since 2003, Health Optimizing, headquartered in Bergen, Norway, has introduced a new health paradigm to the world – a new medical discipline of technology-based medicine.  It is centered around a holistic approach to resolving factors that cause a health imbalance and then optimizing every aspect of health.  Fast forward today, they now have over 200 clinics globally and have helped over 400,000 patients.

In November 2016, an agreement has been reached to launch Health Optimizing’s first clinic in Asia and that is how Health Optimizing Manila (HOM) came to be.

Put simply, our body intrinsically has self-regulating mechanisms to revitalize and optimize health. Health Optimizing Manila’s methodology is to stimulate those mechanisms using a combination of breakthrough, extensively tested technologies to map out and deal with the root cause(s) of the health challenges and imbalance. In conjunction with this methodology, individualized therapies and lifestyle changes are carried out to restore the body’s natural state of health.

Our Vision

Our vision is a healthier Philippines and to do this, a healthcare service for the Filipinos that is second to none.

HOM’s goal is to launch clinics all across the Philippine archipelago to support this vision, and supplemented by health, fitness and lifestyle programs to emphasize a focus on a better general health and wellbeing.

Who is Thomas Aksnes?

Thomas Aksnes (http://www.thomasaksnes.com) , born on 1976 in Norway, comes from a family of renowned scientists in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine and high technology. He is internationally recognized in the field of health technologies, self-regulating mechanisms and health optimization. In collaboration with scientists, institutes and technology developers all across the world, he has created a new field of medicine - that of high technology-based medicine. He is the founder of HealthTech Sciences (www.healthtechscience.com) , the international Health Optimizing clinic group (www.healthoptimizing.com), and Holistic Ecohouse (www.holisticecohouse.com). He is the main developer of the PTD (Personal Therapy Device) technology and co-developer of several health technologies used professionally worldwide, and has been doing extensive medical research on his developments for almost two decades.

Thomas has developed a unique high-tech clinic concept successfully being used in more than 200 clinics internationally. The concept has now turned into an international license based clinic group under the name Health Optimizing. His unique methodology combines state-of-the-art technologies from all over the world, and focuses on assessing and solving all the causative factors as well as the problem itself, and finally stimulating the body’s own mechanisms to solve the challenges. He has found ways to solve many health challenges that conventional and alternative medicine have failed to solve. Thomas has been a keynote speaker at more than 100 international health conferences since 2005, mainly in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary, France, USA, Cuba, South Africa and the Caribbean. He is also a best-selling author, empowering and educating people on how to live a healthier and longer life through awareness and making appropriate lifestyle changes.

Thomas started his mission initially to find solutions to his own health problems. He self-studied after high school to learn more in less time, and to avoid too much focus on old models that he knew from experience didn't work well, such as the pharmaceutical model. After 6 years of theoretical development and self-education in close cooperation with institutes and research groups in many countries, Thomas built the first research clinic in 2003 and started testing prototypes and concepts. In the following years, he contributed in starting more than 200 clinics worldwide using his model. His entrepreneurialism is driven by the goal he set almost two decades ago; to shift the worldwide medical paradigm to one where the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms are supported to perfection, thus eliminating the need for pharmaceutical intervention.

Thomas holds the positions as Deputy Chairman and Director of R&D and Quality Assurance in HealthTech Sciences AS and for the Health Optimizing clinics group.