When it comes to therapy, our Clinic has a comprehensive technology for stimulating the self-regulating mechanisms. This is used in combination with lifestyle coaching and sometimes additional forms of therapy. These include a pulsed plasma ray technology for killing microorganisms, a device for nitric oxide gas treatment, 2 technologies for regulating the exchange of ions over the cell membranes, and thus the cell function, and several others. In addition to the technologies, we sometimes use unique intravenous treatments and other methodologies.

We also have several technologies for home use that we sell and/or rent out in-between sessions at the clinics. One of these is a German pulsating magnetic field mattress which helps balance cellular activity, microcirculation and more. Another example is a personal therapy device which is our own development, PTD. It has 314 programs stimulating specific intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms with biomimicry signals for regulating blood pressure, inflammation, detox, pain, immune functions, and much more. We also provide clients with drinkable oxygen, water ionizers, and other health solutions for client’s specific needs.

We always strive to use the best combination of methodologies that exist to fix the specific factors that we find. We have a wealth of experience with what combination of therapies gives the fastest and the best results. The Health Optimizing clinics demonstrate daily that chronic and incurable diseases often can be resolved by people’s self-regulating mechanisms with help of the right combination of methodologies.